On rare occasions, it may be necessary for end users to login to a Salesforce Sandbox to help test a new procedure, app, or to help troubleshoot an issue.  Logging into a Salesforce Sandbox is very different from logging into what is referred to as the "Production Org".  To login to a sandbox, you must first have permissions to log into that particular sandbox (yes, we run multiple sandboxes).

  1. Visit the proper sandbox below.  On occasion, this may change so if you find that you are unable to login to a sandbox that you know that you recently had access to, please submit a helpdesk ticket so that we may assist you.
  2. Enter your Username followed by the sandbox name (in the case below, the sandbox name is newappsb so the username is jaredwhitley@wol.org.newappsb).  Be sure there is a "." between the @wol.org and the sandbox name.
  3. Enter your password you use to log into the Sandbox.  Due to the time span between your previous login and your current, you may be asked to update your password.  

Current Sandboxes

Sandbox NameSandbox DomainUsername Suffix
New App Sandboxhttps://wol--newappsb.cs77.my.salesforce.com/
ERx Testinghttps://wol--wolpcsb.cs92.my.salesforce.com/