Update: Effective Jan 15, 2020 Humanity will be tied into our SSO (Single Sign-on) solution.  Your username and password will be the same credentials that you use to log in to your computer and/or Word of Life email.

Humanity is not currently tied into our SSO solution.  With that comes independent login credentials.

Note: Your account must be currently active.

Forgot your password
If you cannot log in to your Humanity account or have forgotten your password, you can follow these steps to reset it. Keep in mind that you'll need access to the email address associated with your account.

  1. Go to www.humanity.com/app
  2. Click Forgot Password.

  1. Enter your email address registered with your Humanity account because that’s where you will receive an email with a password reset URL

  1. Check your email inbox/Spam folder. Humanity will immediately send a message to your account's email address.

  1. Click the reset link in that email.


  1. Choose a new password and click Reset Password.


Change Your Password:

To change your password on Humanity account if you're already logged in:

  1. Click your profile picture in the top right corner of the page and select Profile.


  1. Click Password.


  1. Type in your existing password and a new one and click Update Password.


If you're still having trouble, you can reach out to us at support@humanity.com and we’ll help you recover your account.

This article was pulled from the Humanity Helpdesk and details may have changed.  For the most recent how to on this subject, please visit https://helpcenter.humanity.com/faq-s-and-troubleshooting/staff/how-to-reset-password .