Licensed Zoom users have the ability to record meetings to the cloud.  This is a limited pooled space among all licensed users and thus can fill up quickly.

If recordings are processed in the cloud, the meeting organizer (or attendee if permissions are granted) will receive a notification of the recording via email.

To view your recordings, visit and log in with your Zoom credentials.  Recordings are downloaded into individual files (Audio/Video or Audio Only).  You may selectively download a single file by highlighting the file underneath the recording and select the download file.


Another suggestion would be to set up “Auto Delete” for a set period of time after the meeting.  You may do this by logging in to, navigating to Settings (on the left side), click Recording (on the top tab between Meeting and Telephone) and then looking for “Auto delete cloud recording after days”.  Turn this on and set your timeframe.  7-10 days is typically a good time for you to have as you can recover the file if you need to.