There are two main types of lists within Pardot, Dynamic and Static.  Dynamic lists are populated based on certain criteria (let's say "staff" in this example).  However, sometimes you need to add someone to a static list to substitute for where they may not be on the dynamic list.  Below, you will find a walk-through of how to add prospects to a static list within Pardot.

1) Log into Pardot

2) In the search bar at the top, type in the name or email address of the person you are looking to add to a list.  If this person is not yet in Pardot, you will also need the ability to add prospects.

3) Once you have prospect pulled up, click "Lists" at the top of the prospect navigation bar.

4) Find the list in the dropdown under "List Membership" and click the list that you want to add the prospect to. Once you have selected the list, click "Save Lists" at the bottom of the page.