Waiver codes can be applied to an application to remove the application fee.  These codes can only be created by admins and those with the proper permission set applied to their Salesforce user account.

To create a new waiver code, launch the App Switcher, type "waiver" on the search and then click "Waiver Codes"

This will open the waiver code tab.  Click New in the upper right corner and you will see the following prompt:

All 4 fields are required.  

  • The waiver code is case sensitive
  • Start date should be a date today or later
  • End date should be when you want the waiver code to expire.  If the expiration date is unknown, put it far enough into the future to allow it to be a valid code.  You can always change the expiration date later.
  • Enter a code that makes sense to anyone looking at the codes to know what that one is used for.

Be sure to save the record and you are good to go.