Student Fusion Trip Setup FAQs

Q. How do I get a description of the trip to show up on the giving site?

A. In the MMS, select the event that needs the description. Click the Notes tab. Click Add Note. In the pop up window, select Web: Ministry Description from the Note Type drop down menu. Write in the description of the trip in the Note Text text box. Click Save.

Q. How do I get the trip to show up in the missionaryapply application track drop down menu?

A. You will need to check two places in the MMS Event with which you are having problems.

    1. Check the codes tab - make sure the codes match the code chart below.

    2. Check the main trip area (the portion with a red border) - make sure the Linked To has text beside it. (Linked To is the last item in the second column of the tan area). If Linked To does not have text beside it, click the Edit link and, in the pop up window, add the appropriate contact id in the Contact field. Example: SF Dominican Rep. 2018 Linked To WOL Dominican Republic (Contact ID 218705)

Q. The name showing up in the drop down isn't really the name I want to use - is there a way to change that?

A. Yes. You can add an optional code to change the name displayed. See the Code Chart for more detail.

Code Chart

Type Description Text Number
Division: IM
Giving Website: Enabled
Trip: Student Fusion Trip

**Giving Website:  Alternate Contact Name (Display Name) 0

**optional code