1)      The first step is to uninstall theold version of Office. To do this, we need to open our Control Panel.


2)      Next, we go to programs.

3)      Uninstall a program.

4)      Select Microsoft Office ProfessionalPlus 2016 and double click (If you have Visio installed this will need to be removed as well).

5)      Click yes on the next two prompts,and Office should uninstall itself.

6)      Once the old version of Office isuninstalled, we need to download the Office 365 installer. To do this, open aweb browser, such as Google Chrome or Firefox, and go to login.microsoftonline.com.

7) Once you sign into this screen using your WOL email and password, you will see this screen. Click on Install Office, and the drop down menu will appear.

8) Click on Office 365 apps, and it will start downloading the installer.

9) Once this is downloaded, double click on it and you will have the option to run it. Follow the on screen steps, and it will install. 

10) Now we need to activate Office. Open Word.

11) It should come up with a pop-up asking you to accept and start word,click accept.

12) You’re all set with the new version of Office.

*Originally created by CT Newell in Word format and published to Freshdesk Solutions by Matt Hager