Reports can be someone of a thought provoking process.  However, you want to make sure that you pull the reports that are relevant to your needs. Regardless, the information you are reviewing from your survey, capturing the results is the same.

Log into QuestionPro and navigate to the survey you wish to review.  Click on the "Analytics" button on the right of the survey.

Once the dashboard loads, on the right you will see a "Download Data & Reports" button with a dropdown.  There are two standard reports that you may want to run.  The first being "PowerPoint".  This will give you the most graphic and best representation of the data that is easily digested.  The second will be "Excel Data" as this is the raw data.  This second file will produce a single Excel file with multiple sheets on it.  If you ask any open ended questions (Comments, Names, email address, etc) this is the best way to capture that information.

As of right now, there is not a way to retrieve multiple results on a single report.  Each survey will need to be run separately and compared.