To refund a confirmation fee, you will need access to both Stripe and Salesforce.  More importantly, you will need the ability to modify the Deposit Refund fields on the Deposit Section of the application inside Salesforce.

To start, pull up the application requesting a refund and ensure that the payment was processed via Stripe.  If not, you will need to contact the Student Billing department and work through the process of an AP refund with them.  You will know it was processed via Strip by looking at the details of the Deposit Section and you will see the Stripe Customer ID and Transaction ID.  Take note of when the deposit was made (date and time).

Now that we have confirmed that the deposit was made via Stripe, log in to Stripe, click Customers and click "filter" and click "Create Date" and enter a couple of days before and after the transaction date, click "Done".

Once you have the filter applied, located the date and time of the transaction and ensure the App ID numbers are the same (compared to the App ID in Salesforce).  Click on the App ID to pull up the transaction.  On the right side under "Payments", you will see the Confirmation deposit.  Hover over the ellipsis (...) and you will see the ability to resend the receipt, refund the transaction, or pull up a menu, click the refund button (the arrow on the left).

On the refund page, enter details about who authorized/requested the refund and then refund the transaction.  You will not be asked again so be sure this is the correct record!!

Return back to the Salesforce record and enter todays date, the amount (-250), and your name.  The report will be produced the following day of all current day transactions for proper processing.

IT Notes:  The permission set inside SF to control this is "BI Admissions: Edit Confirmation Payment" and is part of the BI Admissions Super User Perm Set Group.