*The following article is to help those setting up a new missions field in the MMS. This article deals specifically with the information required for the map on missions.wol.org to function properly. Any other setup information is not currently located in this document. If it is added in the future, a revision message will be posted in place of this text. 

Instructions for setting up Map codes in MMS

Step 1: Find the location in the MMS

  • To search for field locations in the MMS simply add "WOL" in front of the location name. For example, if you are looking for Denmark, search "WOL Denmark" or if you are looking for the USA search "WOL United States" this will narrow down the search to mission fields rather than finding any contact that has an address in that location.

Step 2: Open the codes tab

  • You will need to locate the codes tab on the location profile in the MMS. Every user has access to a set amount of tabs. If you have been tasked with location setup, you should definitely see "Codes" as a tab option. If not, please contact your supervisor to ask IT for permission.

Step 3: Confirm additional codes

  • Before you begin setting up the map please make sure the codes tab already has the following codes
  • Code Type (Type)
    Code Value (Description)Text (Data)
    Giving WebsiteAlternate Contact Name  
    {Country Name without WOL Prefix}
    Giving WebsiteFIPS 10-4 Code{CIA 2 Letter Country Code}**
    Giving WebsiteOn
    Giving WebsiteShow On Location Page

** To find the FIPS 10-4 Code visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_FIPS_country_codes and search the chart for the desired country.

Step 4: Find the location coordinate information

  • Before you try to add any new codes, you first need to make sure you have the correct map information. Follow the steps below to insure you have the proper data.
  • There are 3 fields that need to be filled out 1) Bbox Start 2) Bbox End 3) Coordinates
  • Use https://boundingbox.klokantech.com to find the bbox start and end
    • Using the search box in the upper left corner of the map, search the country name and press ENTER
    • Beneath the map, find the "Copy & Paste" tool and select "CSV RAW" 
    • Copy the text in the text box (It should be 4 long numbers separated by commas)
    • Paste the numbers into a separate tool like notepad, where you are able to easily work with them.
    • Reformat the numbers so they fit this specific format [1st number, second number] [third number, fourth number] 
    • Example: 7.71532549,54.45166667,15.55306403,57.95242963 should become [7.71532549,54.45166667][15.55306403,57.95242963]
    • The first bracket of numbers  ex: [7.71532549,54.45166667] is BBox Start
    • The second bracket of numbers ex:[15.55306403,57.95242963] is BBox End
  • Use https://latitude.to/map to find the location coordinates 
    • Find your country from the list and click on the icon
    • Scroll down and locate "DD Coordinate"
    • Copy the numbers in the text box and add a comma between them and brackets around them
    • Example: 55.9396761 9.5155848 should become [55.9396761,9.5155848]

If it helps, use the chart below to help you fill out the information you will need

Bbox Start[ , ]
Bbox End[ , ]
Coordinates[ , ]

Step 5: Add the BBox Start Code

  • Back in the MMS, on the codes tab, click the "Add" Button
  • Select code type "IM Website"
  • Select code value "Location BBox Start"
  • Paste the location Bbox Start value into the "Text" field
  • Click Save

Step 6: Add the BBox End Code

  • Select code type "IM Website"
  • Select code value "Location BBox End"
  • Paste the location Bbox End value into the "Text" field
  • Click Save

Step 7: Add the Coordinates Code

  • Select code type "IM Website"
  • Select code value "Location Coordinates"
  • Paste the location coordinates value into the "Text" field
  • Click Save