1. Start Outlook (if not already running)
  2. Open a new email
  3. In the To box, type the number you wish to fax followed by @rcfax.com. (Example: To fax to 787-929-3742 put 7879293742@rcfax.com)
  4. In the Subject, put any message you want the recipient to see.
  5. Attach the file you want to send. (See chart below for acceptable file formats.)
  6. If you send faxes from a generic email acount (registar@wol.org, lcm@wol.org, missions@wol.org) you will need to change your "from" address to that email account.
    If the "From" button is not showing, then:
    1. Click on the Option tab.
    2. Click on the From icon in the Show Fields section to expose the From button.
  7. Click on the From button and select the desired generic email account. (NOTE: You must have rights to send email from that account.)
  8. Hit Send to send the fax.
  9. After a few minutes, you should receive a confirmation that your fax was successful.


  • You must be setup in the Ring Central fax service to do this. Please see your supervisor or ITS if have questions about this.
  • You must send faxes from the same email address that you receive them. This allows you to send and associates your name and fax number with your fax.
  • If using a scanner to send a printed document, save the file as a PDF first.
  • The maximum file sise is 20MB.
  • The file name should not contain ampersands ("&") or other special characters.

Supported File Extensions:

File ExtensionApplication TypeSupported Versions
pdfAdobe Acrobat / Adobe ReaderAll
psdAdobe PhotoShop3.0 and higher
doc, docx, docm*Microsoft WordWindows: 95, 97, 2000, 2003, 2007
Mac: 4, 5.x, 95, 98
dotMicrosoft Word Document TemplateAll
mcwMicrosoft Word for Mac4 - 5.1
xls, xlsx, xlsb, xlsm*Microsoft Excel5, 95, 97, 2000, 2003, 2007
ppt, pptx, pptm*Microsoft PowerPoint4 and higher
vsd, vdxMicrosoft VisioAll
pubMicrosoft Publisher98, 2000, 2003
wpsMicrosoft WorksAll
wriMicrosoft Windows WriteAll
awdMicrosoft FaxAll
tif, tiff, gif, jpg, jpeg,
bmp, png, pcx, tga
Generic Graphic FormatsAll
rtfRich Text FormatAll
txt, log, h, cpp, c, err, hppText FilesAll
wk1, wk3, wk4Lotus 1-2-3All
wq1Quattro Pro DOSAll
xmlExtensible Markup LanguageAll
html, htmHyperText Markup LanguageAll
mht, mhtmlMIME Encapsulation of Aggregate HTML DocumentsAll
csvComma Separated ValuesAll